Elemental Energy

Between and beyond Inner and Outer Nature, there exists an invisible world of energy that connects all things.  Through Air element and the breath, we contact this mystery – inspiration is breathing it in.  From the solar energy the empowers plants to the lunar energy that guides the tides of the ocean (and in the soil, and in us too), the life force energy flows through us.  My intrigue with energy emerged out of deep experiences with the Air element through practicing yoga and qigong, which overlap with my musical passion for wind instruments: Australian Didjeridoo, Native American Flute, and Shakuhachi (Japanese Zen Flute).  Seeing the unity of circular breathing while playing didjeridoo with pranayama practices in Yoga to whole body breathing of qigong, the condensation of energy into matter is what guides health and healing as well as expanding our awareness of self beyond the physical body.  Beyond music as medicine, I share my passions for yoga and qigong with high school students and adults.  Most wilderness trips, especially the quests, include these practices for mindful embodiment.

Spencer has also been in ongoing training in Classical Chinese Medicine: hands-on Tui Na, hands-off Medical Qigong therapy, and Acupressure.



“The way Spencer can weave Yoga, Ayurveda, Ecology, Nature and a million other topics all into the same thought to make you understand it all in a deeper way is incredible. You can really feel the passion he has for life and the topics we got into, which made me want to learn more and more. His yoga classes were truly unique and I want more of that!! Every day! His cooking is wonderful too! More yoga, more herb talks, more guided meditations.”
-Participant, Yoga Wilderness Quest

“What was valuable was the way that you organized the sections! Flowing and cyclical, just like chi! The material flowed together well; each section naturally led to the next section (i.e. opening Chi Gong, then talks  – with charts, then garden tour, then eating and sampling herbal medicine in its various forms, then closing with Chi Gong – very complete and satisfying.”
-Participant, Tao of Permaculture