Elemental Quest

From the foundation of Nature Connection, the work internalizes: be it coming of age or stepping powerfully into one’s gifts and embodying Elemental Leadership.  Working with the flow of Water and the emotions, Quest work dives deep into the Soul of Humanity, individually and collectively.  Just as we design gardens using permaculture, we can also design our lives, as well as the necessary rituals to empower and activate our creativity and our abundance.  Through daylong Medicine Walks, weeklong Wilderness Fasts, and multi-year Rite of Passage programs, my goal is to provide the opportunity to Quest into our true nature and bring our medicine to the world.


Past Offerings



“Our family has known Spencer for more than four years. He has provided wonderful role modeling and support during our son’s transition into adolescence. Spencer’s gentle manner, combined with his knowledge and enthusiasm for nature, make him an ideal mentor and guide for children as they navigate their way through today’s complex world.”
-Parent, Vilda’s Elemental Quest

“Spencer is knowledgeable and capable, and funny!  His cooking was fabulous, as was his chanting and the harmonium.  I appreciated his ability to really articulate and tell a story.  I also now hold Spencer as on of my favorite yoga instructors.  I attended the Yoga wilderness retreat as a way to help myself with a mid life transition.  I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I received so much.  I emerged nourished, grounded, vibrant, and with a self love and strength I’ve never before known.  What a true gift!  Even one month later I am basking in gratitude for this.  I received a transformative experience I didn’t even know I was craving.”
-Participant, Yoga Wilderness Quest
” I really liked how [he] showed us so many different ways to “practice”- getting in touch with our bodies and hearts and souls in multiple ways. Yoga or pranayama or meditation or mudras or bandhas or cooking a meal that fits what we need in the moment or rubbing delicious oil up our noses. So many options to dive into yourself. Circling up and sharing as a group, letting each person speak their truth and have everyone else listening- now that is truly healing. Just getting to share what is deeply in our hearts and being supported felt amazing. Learning about ceremonies and rituals was new for me and very powerful. “
-Participant, Yoga Wilderness Quest