Elemental Health

My approach to health is a dynamic and holistic seasonal dance that recognizes the need for time in wild nature; time and space to garden and grow our own food and medicine; time, space, and will to be in solitude and ask big life questions; as well as time, space, will, and intention to cultivate life force energy in this human being as a way of generating abundance so that we may be of service to our communities.


With a deep sense of health we have the capacity to heal, in whatever way our gifts guide us and to whomever most calls to us.  With so many opportunities to be of service, we listen for our calling.  And yet without radiant health and activation of our energy, it can be challenging to focus on service when it is our own body and being that is needing attention.

From raw food preparation and tonic teas, to healthy cooking and herbal extractions, our offering is to support the health and healing of others so that they may live to their fullest potential, however that expresses itself, be it living our dharma by doing whatever we do with full presence and aliveness or tracking our unique gifts and manifesting ways to express those to the world.



  • Herbal consultations
  • Organic Tinctures: tonics, nervines, wild-crafted and home-grown herbs
  • Medicinal Gardens
  • Herbal nursery for gardens
  • Tonic Chocolate
  • Herbal Chai
  • Adaptogen-infused Honey
  • Specialty Tea Blends

A bow to my teachers and their teachings (and schools)


“I found the connection of five element philosophy and nature connection quite valuable.  The structure of vata, pitta, kapha & other energies gave a context for connecting to nature in a healing way possible.”
-Participant, Yoga Day Quest