Elemental Nature

Welcome to the ever-growing synthesis of my work.  Through the multi-faceted approach to ecological living and being, I have come to understand the work I do as supporting the expression of the Elemental Nature of people and place.  Through the lenses of inner and outer Nature, I focus on my own connection to Nature that expresses itself inside and out, while also being of service to others in their own connection, as well as the collective or community connection to each other and the land.

This website is a map into my mind and into my offerings, as I work with various organizations and programs to create a diversity of service paths while aiming for authentic leadership and integrity with my words and actions.  Through the great lens of Elemental Nature, I branch out into the following:

  • Elemental Design – Fire Element: Permaculture design and education
  • Elemental Connection – Earth Element: Nature connection, herbalism, wilderness survival, ancestral skills
  • Elemental Quest – Water Element: Rites of Passage for adults and youth
  • Elemental Energy – Air Element: Energetic connection and expression through qigong, yoga, and music
  • Elemental Health – Space Element/Spirit: Healing and Holistic expression of radiance through balanced living – the core of our capacity to serve life