Elemental Nature thanks…

  • The Vilda Foundation is dedicated to rebuilding the awareness that creates a deep, meaningful connection to the natural world, The Vilda Foundation provides hands-on place-based nature education to children, adults and educators.  I have run nature connection programs for home schooled youth for over a decade.
  • Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) at Commonweal Garden inspires and educate those seeking practical solutions, deep nature connection, and personal transformation to build a more sustainable world for generations to come.  RDI teaches the skills and technology people need to become community leaders and create healthy solutions to the current environmental crisis.
  • Stepping Stones Project guides and supports youth and families across the threshold from childhood into healthy adolescence through contemporary rites of passage in the form of a deeply meaningful Coming Of Age program for middle school aged girls and boys, as well as their parents.
  • Wilderness Reflections offers wilderness quests for teens and adults, supporting individuals in ceremonial solitude while fasting in the wild lands.  Offerings include wilderness fasts, ecopsycology and wilderness guide training, yoga wilderness quests, day quests in Marin County, CA.
  • Back to Earth leads trips for teens, weaving nature connection with leadership skills in the back country.  Offering programs for the public as well as working with school groups, Back To Earth shares inner and outer journeys with the vision of re-building the village.
  • Sivananda Yoga Farm is an ashram which shares classical Yoga and Vedanta teachings in the lineage of Swami Vishudevananda and Swami Sivananda.  The daily ashram lifestyle is augmented with workshops ranging from Yoga and Ayurveda to Jyotish and Vastuu.  The gardens are a context for the merging of Ayurveda and Permaculture, in courses that I (and others) teach.


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