Ayurveda & Planetary Herbalism

In the center of this regenerative model for human health is the awareness and practice of Food and Herbs as medicine.  Here, the Spirit of Life is central to our own Elemental Nature as well as in relationship with the wild lands and tended gardens that grow our food-medicines.  Here, we acknowledge that every meal and every cup of tea is an opportunity to turn towards radiant health.  We empower ourselves to make conscious decisions for the vitality of the human body as a vehicle for us to each express our gifts.  Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are ancient wisdom traditions that offer guidance to living in balance not only with seasons, but with out own unique physiology that goes beyond any “diet” to an exploration of what brings balance and vitality to this body at this time.  When we remember our micro-biome that lives in and on this human body, comprising roughly half  of the cells we would consider “ourself” we realize that what we put into and on our bodies is central to what we become, and our health is a primary indicator not only of ecological health as well, but also directly related to our capacity to show up in the world live our lives.  Clearly, when we are ‘sick’ or ‘dis-eased’ it is more difficult to be a loving, giving, abundant human being, since energy is limited and being used for internal healing instead of cultural and natural healing.