Contact me for the following services:

DESIGN: Garden and Landscape

  • Garden and landscape consultation, design, and installation
  • Garden coaching
  • Pruning and grafting fruit trees
  • Food forests and edible landscapes
  • Medicine gardens: Native, European, Ayurvedic, Chinese herbs
  • Greywater systems
  • Rain gardens


CONNECTION: Youth Nature Programs

  • Daylong adventures
  • Camping trips
  • Backpacking trips
  • One-on-one mentoring


QUEST: Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy

  • Youth rites of passage
  • Adult/teen wilderness fasts
  • Adult medicine walks
  • Yoga in nature


ENERGY: Yoga, Chi Gong, Music

  • Sound healing
  • Native American flute instruction
  • Didjeridoo¬†instruction
  • Chi gong in nature
  • Classical Hatha Yoga


HEALTH: Food and Herbs as medicine

  • Tonic herbalism
  • Herbal consultations
  • Growing medicines
  • Medicinal tea blends
  • Tonic chocolate

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