Yoga, Chi gong, and the Breath

From the Himalaya in India and China to the mountains of California, cultivating life force energy is as vital a practice now as it has been.  Without committing to the monastic lifestyle, we can spend minutes a day breathing with our whole body, rejuvenating ourselves on a cellular level.  With enough sources of stress in everyday life, taking time to cultivate presence awareness and simply move with the breath is truly medicinal.  For myself, instruments such as flute and didjeridoo act both a tools of meditation, giving volume to the breath which reveal the nature of it: ideally slow, deep, and long.  Music provides the added benefit of inviting others into that presence, letting music become medicine.  Whether your intention is to tune into your breath-body, cultivate mindfulness, amplify the prana in your body, or offer music to yourself and the world, it all comes back to the breath.